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Alisa Flaherty

Artist. Designer. Front-End Developer.

Carousel Horse Portfolio Theme

UPDATE: This design has won the “Site of the Month” award for November 2017 for Popular Website Awards.

My portfolio website showing off a multi-layer parallax featuring carousel horses on the home page. I love how creative, unique, colorful, playful, and bold this is.

I spent some time working on a theme for my website. From that point (after knowing that I wanted to create a theme using carousel horses) I roughed out a simple wireframe sketch relaying to myself how I wanted it to lay out, with some of the more bold design features included.

From this point, I took it into Adobe Illustrator and began creating horses for my design, as well as experimenting with color combinations, and basic design features. I used my own carousel horse photos for illustration reference.


After some experimentation of color and basic layout within Adobe Illustrator, I arrived at my final layout and design for the home page, and most of the content pages. As you can see, some of the design aspects shown below, didn’t make it into the final cut.

I then take the final design to code. I code out the entire website (usually from scratch) and turn it into a theme ready to hold content. I have a local server that I build on, with all of my content built in. I’ve very proud of how my final design looks. I’m also very proud that it continues to evolve as my needs grow.

Final home page design.
This is the wireframe sketch from when the website concept was still being fortified.